The Electric Anniversary

Celebrating Rust's 5th anniversary with a huge update:

electricity is here, enabling players to build elaborate defensive contraptions and other amazing devices. This patch wipes the servers. Enjoy!


Electricty has been added to the game! I've been wanting to do this for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge this month and get it implemented. It's not totally finished, but all of the heavy lifting has been done so we'll be able to expand on it with ease in the coming months.

Electrical Components

Here is a list of all of the new electrical components added to the game:

AND Switch

Only allows passthrough when BOTH inputs receive power


Allows passthrough when a target value has been reached

Door Manipulator

Keeps a door open as long as it is powered


Disables passthrough when power is received through its second input


Allows you to branch off power from the main power line


Combines two root power sources into one for a stronger main power line

Memory Cell

1 bit storage (true/false) allows passthrough when true, also has inverted signal output

Large Battery

Outputs 100 energy

Laser Detector

Long range player detector, allows passthrough while a body is in the beam

OR Switch

Allows passthrough of the greater signal strength when either A OR B is powered

Pressure Pad

Allows passthrough while a player is standing ontop of it

Small Battery

Outputs 10 energy

Solar Panel

Outputs 30 energy maximally, when the sun is directly infront of it with no occlusion


Splits power into 3 distinct signals


Simple on/off switch


Allows passthrough while timer is active, can be customized with any duration and force toggled on via its second input

XOR Switch

Allows passthrough if only A or only B is powered

Wire tool

General Electricity tool, allows connection of components similar to the hammer


Outputs 100 power when the wind is strong, higher chance for stronger wind with altitude

More Information

An excellent write-up, including crafting times, and more information is available here

In short, we now have a fully functional logic gate system in Rust. Right now you'll be able to do something as simple as adding a working lightswitch to your base, or as advanced as making a functional CPU in the game.


The main use for this is going to be making godlike trap bases. Moving forward, I'm going to add a lot more components which will let people do things such as move inventory items around for automatic sorters or to collect loot from failed raid attempts. Factory type deployables are a must. The list goes on and on.

This was a major undertaking and I want to give a special thanks to Shadowfrax, Vice, and Andre for helping me get it completed in time for the patch. I'm super excited to see all the things you guys come up with!

Also the M39 rifle have been added.