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    Dear Community,

    we have update our community in following area:


    We have add some banner what you can use for your website and if you want for advertising. You find our Banner and Intro Video on the Media Section at the Forum.




    Also we have add and complete oure FORUM area on this homepage. Now its possible to ask the staff directly over the forum. Sure you also can use our discord server, but for some mather its bether to use the Forum. We will try to response as soon as possible of your threads.


    The OFFICIAL BLUE HILL server is one of the most unique VANILLA Rust servers. GAMERS.LI is an NON-PROFIT Community and do not earn money. Your DONATE will be used to hold up our servers and make it bether than others. With this reason we have add our store system with some useful packages for our Rust Servers. Like Skip Que and Skinbox using. We are planing to add more stuff like small presents on donating for all players on the Server and an Donating

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