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Meanwhile, high-quality DDoS protection is practically indispensable. A large number of DDoS attacks are directed at our network every day, with the aim of affecting our systems. Our self-imposed task is therefore to provide the best possible protection for services such as Rust, Teamspeak 3, HTTP and other protocols. By cascading multiple levels of filtering, we manage to mitigate virtually any DDoS attack. Whether it's a simple amplification attack, a TCP flood or a sophisticated Layer 7 attack, our filtering systems are prepared.


We wipe the servers every Friday in alternation full wipe and map wipe. The wipes currently always take place at 20:00. The servers publish in the wipe announcement Discord channel at wipe beginnings.

Components Gamers.li ServerHardware Links
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12x 3.90GHz
RAM 256GB DDR4-2666

2 x 1000GB Datacenter NVMe | 4x 1000GB EVO with RAID

1U CASE Supermicro CSE-815 Chassis

2x 1Gbit/s Uplink (expandable up to 10gbit/s)

DATACENTER Maincube at Frankfurt | Germany



Please respect other players on the server and pay attention to your own words. On repeated rule breaking offenses, an admin can ban you temporarily or permanently (depending on severity of your offence).


The only Allowed languages that are allowed in Global chat: English and German. (This means no other languages besides English and German) On repeated rule breaking Offenses and admin can kick, Mute And ban you periodically or permanently.


is Allowed, It is a game mechanic that allows hostile players to build during a raid. Therefore ALLOWED.



On SOLO - DUO - TRIO Server is are teams with max 3 players allowed

On SOLO - DUO - TRIO Server is are teams with max 2 players allowed

In one base (also TC registration), farming, PvP, PvE and all other interaction. Removing a bag and kill a player for a short term, (for example, letting the player come back the day after) is not allowed. When this rule is broken, all included players/parties will get banned from our server. (NO WARNINGS).

  • 01.)Be respectful.
  • 02.)SSending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harm ware results in an immediate and permanent ban.
  • 03.)Use proper grammar and spelling and don't spam.
  • 04.)Usage of excessive extreme inappropriate language is prohibited. We speak English and German.
  • 05.)Mentioning @everyone, the Moderators / Staff or a specific person without proper reason is prohibited.
  • 06.)Act civil in Voice Chat.
  • 07.)Post content in the correct channels.
  • 08.)Don't post someone's personal information without permission.
  • 09.)Listen to what Staff says.
  • 10.)Do not post graphic pictures of minors (<18yo)..

If you have been banned temporary, please stay tuned in the meantime.

If you have been banned permanent and you think that the ban is not justified, you can contact an admin with evidence via Discord with -ticket for a possible unbanning.

Please understand that there is not always an admin available and it may take some time.

If the Player is cheating please press F7 and make a report. In some case you may have videos, screenshots, and logs. So you also can report a cheater directly to us on discord. Please use the Discord Bot for it. Please provide us so much information you have, also with coordinates to find a base or like that. An Admin will talk to you on Discord and will check your report.


GAMERS.LI and BLUE-HILL.ORG are an up-and-coming play Rust community of loyal, nice & enthusiastic users has dedicated itself to playing various multiplayer games. We are always looking for people in the virtual world ... maybe YOU are the right one for us? Then apply us over Discord!... Help us to get up our community

We are searching every time Staff members for this project, but this community is a nonprofit project and earn no money. If you are interested to manage an own server from us, or want to be an Admin, programmer, Moderator, YouTuber ,… contact an Staff Member on our Discord Server.

Yes. You can donate us this amount you want. All is welcome to hold this project to life. Be sure, that your donating only will be used for our servers. If you donate, contact a staff after them at the Discord to get a VIP Rank on our discord server.

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